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Delvin Maddison is back in McLennan County Jail under more than a quarter million dollars in sureties set by area magistrates after bondsmen went off their guarantees that they would have him back in court on the appointed day.

He faces a string of charges dating from November, 2013, including evading arrest, two minor cases of possession of controlled substances – marijuana and methamphetamine – driving while license invalid, and failure to identify himself to arresting officers. Lawmen from the Sheriff’s Office, Bellmead Police, and the Texas Department of Public Safety filed the criminal cases that continue to hang over his head. He has been jailed on them repeatedly, gaining temporary freedom, only to be jailed again when sureties go off the bond.

He and a half-dozen other defendants walked away from indictments for organized criminal activity stemming from an alleged scheme to first sell a used car to a dealer in Waco, then steal it back and sell it again.

Prosecutors withdrew the indictments and declined to pursue the case after Waco Police Department detectives, the Chief, and attorneys who represent the City of Waco refused to divulge the identity of confidential informants. A seasoned prosecutor in his early career, 19th District Judge Ralph T. Strother said at the time he had never seen anything quite like the sudden maneuver.

All this has prompted the re-emergence of a peculiar on-line flame war between antagonists close to the investigation and many others, people with tattooed faces and extensive criminal histories. It’s a vitriolic tussle of underworld “sack chasers” that plays out on Facebook pages, YouTube videos, the comments section of this blog – and others – and it’s all about allegations of murder by arson that just don’t go away, allegations leveled by family members of Ashley Dawn Rogers, who along with two of her children perished in a trailer fire in the old-time McLennan County riverside cattle drive stop of Bosqueville, in February, 2013.

The central conflict: Waco Police have labeled the fire accidental, while fire investigators are unwilling to sign off on that notion, claiming the fast-burning blaze sprung from an unknown heat source that blocked escape from the trailer’s front door. The rear door was allegedly closed with drywall screws that had been inserted by a repairman’s screw gun.

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