Barricaded roommate

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West – Tammy Parsons noticed the young man’s strange behavior when he came in the corner grocery store singing, growling, shouting – at about 7 a.m. “He was pretty stoned out,” she said, “throwing his hands and arms all around.” She and dozens of other spectators waited in radiant sunshine to find out what happened when the SWAT Team later flushed Jimmy Bolden from a bedroom where he had barricaded himself in Don Davis’ home in the 100 block of S. Reagan Street, just across the street from the Fire Station and City Hall.

When a couple hours later, his behavior became more than Davis could handle, he called police to get their assistance in having him leave his home. “He was way out of hand,” he said.

Bolden, who is in his 20’s, had been living with Davis for the past couple of months. “I need someone to watch over me,” Davis told newsmen following the tense hour and a half standoff. “I have lots of seizures.” He said they had never before had any friction.

As SWAT Team members from the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office surrounded the residence, a detective took a statement, learning the interior layout of the house and Bolden’s location. Officers sent in a remotely controlled robot to scope the situation out.

At 11:25 a.m., just as the detective told Davis to wait in a safe spot across the street, two shots rang out. Officers later told the crowd the reports were caused by tear gas canisters fired from launchers.

Within 10 minutes, the SWAT team began to disperse. A tactical operator stowing his body armor and weapons in his vehicle told anxious spectators everything had turned out all right. Bolden was on his way to an area hospital for observation. His face lit up like a sunny day when he nodded, “Yes,” to a newsman’s shouted question, “Did the guy make it?”

He grinned with pleasure. “Yeah. He made it. He’s gonna be OK.”

In a curbside interview, Davis choked back sobs brought on by the emotional wringer he had endured. He cautioned area youth that “If they live the kind of life I have, this is what you’re going to face – and, uh, they certainly don’t want to do that…”



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