American Spring, American Putsch


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Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 3.05.09 AMCol. Harry Riley

A planned mass protest of liberal government policies is starting to look like a military coup as Army officers continue to outline vague plans to force resignations of key government officials.

When cornered, the organizer of American Spring walked off a Corporation Nation podcast recently when host Clint Richardson and guest Matt Short challenged his plans to force the resignation of President Obama and Vice President Biden, Speaker of the House Boehner, former speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Attorney General Eric Holder.

He said his “mass” of from one to 10 million persons who plan to “descend” on the Seat of Government on May 16 have not formed their plans as of yet, that there are others involved who are more expert at handling “paperwork” and other policy matters.

To hear excerpts from the hour and half-long interview, click here:

After Short, who helped organize the “Line in the Sand” rally at the Alamo in October, pointed out that there are key similarities and visible linkage between American Spring  and Maj. General Paul Vallely’s program of coordinating insurgency in Syria, Col. Riley decided he had run out of time and needed to keep a previous commitment elsewhere.  Both officers have advocated a bloodless coup for several years, Riley as early as 2007, and Vallely,  who is on record suggesting something like “what happened to Nixon,” in 2010.

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For an audio report on the rift between Short and Riley, and a follow-up sound byte of Gen. Vallely’s recent remarks, click here:

To read a previous report on the origins of Arab Spring, follow this link:

 To hear the entire podcast, follow this link:


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